Be Creative Africa International Limited is a value and service rendering Organization from Africa to the rest of the World.



We are constantly creating ways to ensure that we have a very literate Continent from the cradle to old age.


One of the basic needs of man has far eluded the most vulnerable in many African Societies today. We bring solutions to stem the tide.


We are interested in the intricacies of online buying and selling of this present age.


Health is wealth! Our vision at BecAfrica is to collaborate with several Health practitioners/medical Center/researchers in ensuring a healthy Continent.

capacity building

We understand Human capitalism and capacity building. We are willing to invest in lives.


We experience the allure of African talents daily. Every average African has something innate to offer only that it is yet to be refined. It is not a hidden truth that every African is creative, hence, our desire is to leverage on Africa’s creativity in solving our very conspicuous needs. The harsh living conditions on the Continent have ‘graciously’ developed all our creative lobes; surviving in these unpalatable realities is rare creativity! Only the Goldsmith sees the beauty in unrefined gold, hence, we have chosen to tread the unconventional path of unearthing and refining Africa’s unnoticed talents because we believe in the Africa of our dreams; a self-sufficiently sustained Continent. We are Africa’s goldsmiths.


1. To change the stereotypical views about Africa and her people. 
2. To encourage the expression of creative minds through our projects. 
3.To create a resonating impact on African youths by helping them recognize their innate talents. 
4. To export contents from all around Africa to the World. 
5.To ensure the longevity of positive African Cultures and traditions. 
6. We are helping people all over the World capture the positivity oozing from all around Africa in exhibiting the stuff the Continent is made and capable of; like how an average African is proffering innovative solutions to Africa’s numerous ‘wahalas’.


1. Excellence – This is our watchword at Be Creative Africa International Limited.
2. Team Work – We believe we can achieve the unimaginable by our collective strength and unity.
3.Discipline – It’s in our DNA, we love it, speak it and live it.
4.Goal Oriented – At Be Creative Africa International Limited, our vision lies within the perimeter of the goal post.


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